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Climate Monitoring System Based on DeviceHive

Kseniya Savitsina · 18 days ago

Business Challenge

DataArt is a global technology consultancy that develops and supports software solutions. With offices all over the globe, it was important to find a common solution that would help to keep and maintain comfort temperature conditions in them. The main challenge was to create a...

    DeviceHive 3.3.0 is released

    Kseniya Savitsina · about a month ago

    DataArt’s IoT team is proud to release a new version of the open source IoT platform DeviceHive.

    Please see the details of the recent changes and features below.

    Java server

    Websockets: client and device endpoints combined, User API, Network API implemented, get/list command/notificatio...

      Machine Learning in RapidMiner

      Kseniya Savitsina · about a month ago

      It is simply impossible not to notice how quickly the total volume of metrics collected grows. Not only the frequency with which automatic systems collect data and the throughput of data warehouses has increased, but also the set of metrics that we can use. This trend is most clearly expressed in Io...

        New DeviceHive firmware for ESP8266 is out

        Kseniya Savitsina · about a month ago

        It supports new features:

        • new command 'command/list'
        • connection to the server is now implemented with WebSocket
        • latest DeviceHive server v3.x and playground support
        • compile time ability to disable some devices

        You can download it here...

          Machine Learning for Asset Management

          Kseniya Savitsina · 2 months ago

          About the Client

          The client is a EU-based startup company. They use an automated approach to monitor their installations for utility companies. Their main objectives are managing assets and improving maintenance processes using fast drones.

          Business Challenge

          The client collects images of t...

            DeviceHive 3.2.0 is released

            Kseniya Savitsina · 2 months ago

            DataArt’s IoT team is proud to release a new version of the open source IoT platform DeviceHive.

            This update improves general performance and stability, introduces new API features, and enables Kubernetes cluster deployment.

            Please see the details about the recent chan...

              CNC Controller in Python

              Kseniya Savitsina · 2 months ago

              Technical Challenge

              Typically, Computer numerical control (CNC) machine controllers are implemented in C or C++ and run on OSless or real-time operating systems. For example, Linux by default is not a real-time operating system. And running projects like LinuxCNC requires adding special real-ti...

                Big Data News Digest for June, 2017

                Kseniya Savitsina · 2 months ago

                Most of the time when a warehouse transforms into a datalike, question arises on how to normalize/denormalize the data. As an intro you can read an article, and follow the guidelines...

                  DataArt releases white paper arguing that IoT is now within the reach of start-up enterprises

                  Kseniya Savitsina · 3 months ago

                  New York, London – June 15, 2017DataArt, the global technology consultancy that designs, develops and supports unique software solutions, today released a proof-of-concept white paper “The Art of Low-Cost IoT Solutions” in which it argues that enterprise IoT is now a viable bud...

                    Smart Elevator Demo

                    Kseniya Savitsina · 3 months ago


                    Canonical is a UK-based, privately held computer software company founded to market commercial support and related services for Ubuntu and related projects. Principally, these are free and open-source software (FOSS) or tools designed to improve collaboration between free software develop...

                      RPi3 vs DragonBoard from the Python Perspective

                      Nikolay Khabarov · 4 months ago

                      Python is a perfect language for creating simple PoC projects. We will not talk about the full list of Python’s advantages, but the most amazing one is that Python is cross platform. This feature is quite useful for building embedded system applications. No need to wait until a compiler builds binar...

                        Big Data News Digest for May, 2017

                        Kseniya Savitsina · 4 months ago

                        Big Data / IoT

                        You might have had inspiration to create a new database, and here it comes — a tutorial for creating a new time series database.

                        Performance is always critical, most of the speeches and talks are dedicated to improving perform...

                          Sleep Tracking Platform Case Study

                          Maxim Ivannikov · 4 months ago

                          DataArt published a new case study about scaling horizontally a healthcare sleep tracking IoT solution and reducing OpEx. Please read the detailed information here.

                            Amazon Alexa Virtual Device Project

                            Maxim Ivannikov · 5 months ago

                            DataArt’s team has released the latest version of an Amazon Alexa virtual device project (version 1.1). . This project aims to provide the ability to bring Alexa to any Linux device including embedded systems like Raspberry Pi boards. The b...

                              MWC17: Smart Elevator Demo by DataArt

                              Maxim Ivannikov · 6 months ago

                              Watch the video about our Smart Elevator demo showcased at MWC 2017.

                                Using GPUs for training Tensorflow models

                                Anton Medvedev · 7 months ago

                                In recent years, there has been significant progress in the field of machine learning. Much of this progress can be attributed to the increasing usage of graphics processing units (GPUs) to accelerate the training of machine learning models. In particular, the extra computational power has lead to t...

                                  Big Data News Digest for December, 2016

                                  Maxim Ivannikov · 9 months ago
                                  • The Big Data industry develops quite fast. New approaches, frameworks, databases, etc. appear every month (and our newsletter proves it).
                                    And this is the article about the tools to be ditched (according t...

                                    Big Data News Digest for November, 2016

                                    Maxim Ivannikov · 9 months ago

                                    DataArt follows the news closely. And we are happy to share the most important Big Data updates with you.

                                      DeviceHive Firmware with Web Interface for ESP8266

                                      Maxim Ivannikov · 10 months ago

                                      This article describes how to build devices based on ESP8266 Wi-Fi SoC using the DeviceHive firmware with the embedded web interface.

                                        DeviceHive Predictive Maintenance Application with SAP

                                        Kseniya Savitsina · about a year ago

                                        The DeviceHive project development team has explored the possibility of integrating the DeviceHive data platform with SAP Hana DB. DeviceHive allows third party IoT device developers to concentrate on business tasks and the distinctive features of a project by shifting the data and device management...

                                          DeviceHive on Android

                                          Kseniya Savitsina · about a year ago

                                          The DeviceHive team has released a new version of their gateway for Android N. DeviceHive Android Gateway for Bluetooth Low Energy devices makes it possible to connect multiple Bluetooth Low Energy devices to DeviceHive IoT clouds through a single Android device. Now it’s possible t...

                                            DataArt Wins Microsoft Azure Certified ISV Solution Partner of the Year Award

                                            Maxim Ivannikov · about a year ago

                                            New York, NY and St. Petersburg, Russia – 15 June 16, 2016 – DataArt, won the global technology consulting firm, announced today that it has won Microsoft Partner of the Year Award for Azure Certified ISV Solution in Russia as the top Microsoft Partner, demonstrating excellence in innovation a...

                                              Connecting to the Future at the Mobile World Congress 2016

                                              Kseniya Savitsina · about a year ago

                                              On 27 February – 2 March, DataArt exhibited with Canonical at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. More than 2,000 exhibitors and 100,000 attendees gathered in an arena bursting with networking opportunities to present and absorb the latest technological developments and next generation services of t...

                                                IoT, Big Data, 5G and Virtual Reality – all a Reality at the Mobile World Congress 2016

                                                Kseniya Savitsina · about a year ago

                                                On 27 February – 2 March, DataArt exhibited with Canonical at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The sheer scope of the world’s biggest mobile industry event was mind boggling – 100,000 attendees and 2200 exhibitors spanned nine halls and one dozen outdoor spaces at Fira Gran Via and Fira Montjuic....

                                                  DataArt at MWC 2016

                                                  Maxim Ivannikov · about a year ago

                                                  Barcelona – February 22 - 25, 2016

                                                  For the second consecutive year DataArt will join Canonical at Mobile World Congress, the world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry, to demonstrate enterprise IoT solutions, big data, system integration and scalability.

                                                  DataArt will showcase the followin...

                                                    Learn IoT With the Best

                                                    Maxim Ivannikov · about a year ago

                                                    Saturday, January 16, 2016, 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (EDT)

                                                    DataArt and DeviceHive are the partners of a full-day online conference with one-to-one mentoring sessions specialized in IoT right in the comfort of your homes. Rafael Zubairov, our leading IoT expert, will tell you how to build the **O...

                                                      Inaugural New York Open Source IoT Summit a Resounding Success

                                                      Kseniya Savitsina · about a year ago

                                                      DataArt, in partnership with Microsoft and Canonical, hosted its first annual Open Source IoT Summit in New York City. On November 12, 2015, six dozen technology innovators gathered at Microsoft’s New York Conference Center on Times Square to learn how they can develop their own in-house IoT solutio...

                                                        Get Your Free Tickets to NY IoT Summit

                                                        Maxim Ivannikov · about a year ago

                                                        There's a lot of buzz around IoT lately, but not much information about how it can help your enterprise development or business. Join Microsoft, Ubuntu / Canonical and DataArt to learn all about it and jointly start creating IoT solutions.

                                                          Enterprise Developers can’t miss the NY Open Source IoT Summit

                                                          Kseniya Savitsina · about a year ago

                                                          Thursday, November 12, 2015 from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM (EST)
                                                          New York, NYC

                                                          Register now:

                                                          Hearing a lot about IoT lately? Want to learn everything from home automation to Industrial IoT? Want to try enterprise IoT solutions yourself? The Open Source IoT Summit is ab...

                                                            Guys playing with 405 nm laser in our lab

                                                            Kseniya Savitsina · about a year ago

                                                              Strata+Hadoop World NYC 2015 Reflections

                                                              Kseniya Savitsina · about a year ago

                                                              Machine learning, cloud, visualization, Hadoop, spark, data science, scalability, analytics, terabytes, petabytes, faster, bigger, more secure, simply better. The kind of a merry-go-round that keeps spinning in your head after you spend three days on the exhibit floor at Strata+Hadoop conference. An...

                                                                DeviceHive at Strata+Hadoop World in NYC

                                                                Kseniya Savitsina · about a year ago

                                                                DataArt will be showcasing Big Data, IoT and predictive maintenance solutions at Strata+Hadoop World NYC 2015, September 30 — October 1. Powered by Canonical's Ubuntu Snappy Core and orchestrated by Juju, we will showcase how to deploy DeviceHive's lambda architecture and evolve your industrial IoT ...

                                                                  DeviceHive Android BLE

                                                                  Kseniya Savitsina · about a year ago

                                                                  DeviceHive, an Open Source IoT Data Platform with a wide range of device integration options, recently received an update for the Android Bluetooth Low Energy Gateway. This update includes support for extended range of GATT commands, support for short UUIDs of services and characteristics, and capab...

                                                                    DeviceHive firmware for ESP8266 - v0.3

                                                                    Kseniya Savitsina · about a year ago

                                                                    We are glad to present our new version of the DeviceHive firmware for ESP8266 - v0.3. Source code and binary images are available here:

                                                                    Instructions for installing this firmware on chip can be found here: ...

                                                                      Streaming Sensor Data using SensorTag and Zeppelin

                                                                      Kseniya Savitsina · about a year ago

                                                                      A quick video by Tatyana Matvienko showing a full cycle of acquiring sensor data from Texas Instruments BLE SensorTag via IoT Toolkit running on Ubuntu Snappy and streaming it into Apache Zeppelin:

                                                                        DeviceHive firmware for ESP8266 is released!

                                                                        Kseniya Savitsina · about a year ago

                                                                        We are happy to present our first release of the DeviceHive firmware for ESP8266. Source code and binary images are available here:

                                                                        We are currently preparing detailed instructions on how to get started with DeviceHive and this firmware and we will p...

                                                                          Prototype IoT with $5 WiFi Microcontroller and DeviceHive

                                                                          Kseniya Savitsina · about a year ago

                                                                          We are proud to announce an upcoming release of DeviceHive firmware that turns a $5 WiFi modem into a fully functional standalone IoT board that doesn’t require programming on device side, and you can access it’s GPIO, ADC, PWM, I2C and SPI from DeviceHive cloud. While being marketed as a WiFi modem...

                                                                            What’s New in 2.0?

                                                                            Kseniya Savitsina · about a year ago

                                                                            We are proud to announce DeviceHive 2.0: faster, friendlier, more functional IoT Data Platform with a rich IoT Gateway framework. Get in touch with us if you want to learn more. Here are some of the key features included in this release.

                                                                            Cloud Scalability

                                                                            With its state of the art Lambda-archite...

                                                                              Authentication Basics

                                                                              Kseniya Savitsina · about a year ago

                                                                              Hello to lovers of the IoT and M2M things. My name is Artyom Sorokin and I'm a software engineer who has gained great experience working and developing IoT projects with the help of DeviceHive!

                                                                              This is a series of posts where I am going to show you the Authentication and Authorization models which ...

                                                                                DeviceHive becomes a member of AllSeen Alliance

                                                                                Kseniya Savitsina · about a year ago

                                                                                Along with companies like Microsoft, Cisco, Panasonic, Sony, and others, DeviceHive has become a member of the AllSeen Alliance. The main mission of the AllSeen Alliance is to enable widespread adoption and help accelerate the development and evolution of an interoperable peer connectivity and commu...

                                                                                  Freescale MQX Processor Family is Now Supported by DeviceHive

                                                                                  Kseniya Savitsina · about a year ago

                                                                                  We are glad to announce another DeviceHive library that now supports the Freescale MQX processor family allowing you to connect a broad range of home, lab, and industrial equipment to the cloud. Our open source contribution can be found here.

                                                                                    DeviceHive platform arrives on Azure Marketplace

                                                                                    Kseniya Savitsina · about a year ago

                                                                                    The industrial Internet of Things (IoT) enables businesses to predict when industrial equipment is going to fail, so that action can be taken beforehand. A leader in this space, DataArt, developed one of the first IoT and big data open sourced platforms, DeviceHive, and pu...

                                                                                      Moto 360 is Connected to a Mood Lamp via DeviceHive

                                                                                      Kseniya Savitsina · about a year ago

                                                                                      DeviceHive is now available on Android Wear. Motorola's Moto 360 is connected to a mood lamp via DeviceHive. All was made with a few lines of code.

                                                                                      Finally wearables are making it easier to control lighting instantly. And DeviceHive helps us to make that happen. Philips Hue is next!

                                                                               - DeviceHive’s First Strategic Partner in the IoT Space

                                                                                        Kseniya Savitsina · about a year ago

                                                                                        This October, – a data service exchange for connected device platforms – and DeviceHive became strategic partners. Our team is excited about the parternship!'s platform provides the missing piece to a complete IoT solut...

                                                                                          DeviceHive team adapts end-device code to run on an open source RTOS

                                                                                          Kseniya Savitsina · about a year ago

                                                                                          The DeviceHive team provides versions of its software for a wide range of end-device architectures such as Microchip’s PIC, TI’s MSP, Atmel’s AVR and various implementations of ARM, maintaining a separate code branch for each one. Though written in C, the end device part uses hardware specific code ...

                                                                                            Raspberry Pi Wifi Configurator

                                                                                            Kseniya Savitsina · about a year ago

                                                                                            When your computer doesn’t have monitor, keyboard, mouse, or you can’t use cables, the task to get online via Wifi looks difficult and practically impossible. Now you can take your Raspberry Pi – a tiny programmable and affordable computer used for… almost anythin...

                                                                                              Network Traffic Optimization for Busy Wifi Channels

                                                                                              Kseniya Savitsina · about a year ago

                                                                                              Those who spend a lot of time at conferences, forums, and professional exhibitions know how unreliable a link during all events can be – wifi connections become virtually impossible. The reasons are well-known: big crowds of people, lots of devices, and a limited access channel. Frequent interruptio...