DeviceHive Roadmap

Up-to-date DeviceHive components version: 3.x
This version support will last until Q2 2018.

Features and ComponentsRelease ETA
Message BusDone in version 3.3.2
AuthDone in version 3.4.0
MQTTDone in Q4 2017
Pluggable services featureDone in Q1 2018
Visualization serviceDone in version 3.3.2 (Grafana)
Plugin, Visualization serviceDone in Q4 2017
Plugin, Long-term storage (Cassandra/S3/etc.)Done in Q1 2018 (Cassandra)
Plugin, BigData & Real-time dashboardQ2 2018
[In progress] CoAPQ1 2018
Security AuditQ1 2018
Auth extensionsQ1 2018
Plugin boilerplate 2.0, js & py supportQ2 2018
Devices & Clients
Python & JavaScript Device mainstream supportDone in version 3.3.4
iOS & Android libraries upgrade:
Android & JavaDone in Q4 2017
iOSQ2 2018
MQTT samplesDone in Q1 2018
Extend reference platforms & samplesQ2-Q3 2018
[Done] Container-based microservicesDone in version 3.3.2
[Done] Kubernetes as the main orchestration toolDone in version 3.3.2
[Done] Docker-compose for light and stand-alone setupDone in version 3.3.2
The rest but still important
Add more samples (based on pluggable services)Q2 2018
[In Progress] DeviceHive 101 video courseQ1 2018