Represents a device, a unit that runs microcode and communicates to this API.


listAccess JSON Web Token (GetDevice)GET /deviceGets list of devices.
countAccess JSON Web Token (GetDevice)GET /device/countGets count of devices.
getAccess JSON Web Token (GetDevice)GET /device/{id}Gets information about device.
registerAccess JSON Web Token (RegisterDevice)PUT /device/{id}Registers or updates a device. For initial device registration, only 'name' property is required.
deleteAccess JSON Web Token (RegisterDevice)DELETE /device/{id}Deletes an existing device.

Resource Representation

    "id": {string},
    "name": {string},
    "data": {object},
    "networkId": {integer},
    "deviceTypeId": {integer},
    "isBlocked": {boolean}
Property NameTypeDescription
idstringDevice unique identifier.
namestringDevice display name.
dataobjectDevice data, a JSON object with an arbitrary structure.
networkIdintegerAssociated network id.
deviceTypeIdintegerAssociated device type id.
isBlockedbooleanIndicates whether device is blocked.