Updates an existing user.

Only administrators are allowed to update any property of any user. User-level accounts can only change their own password and data fields.

Request Message


Access JSON Web Token (UpdateCurrentUser)

Message Representation

In the message, supply a User resource.

    "action": {string},
    "requestId": {object},
    "user": {
        "login": {string},
        "role": {integer},
        "status": {integer},
        "password": {string},
        "data": {object},
        "introReviewed": {boolean}
Property NameRequiredTypeDescription
actionYesstringAction name: user/updateCurrent
requestIdNoobjectRequest unique identifier, will be passed back in the response message.
userYesobjectUser identifier. Use the 'current' keyword to update information of the current user.
user.loginNostringUser login using during authentication.
user.roleNointegerUser role. Available values:
0: Administrator role
1: Client role
user.statusNointegerUser status. Available values:
0: The user is active
1: The user has been locked out due to invalid login attempts
* 2: The user has been disabled
user.passwordNostringUser new password
user.dataNoobjectUser data, a JSON object with an arbitrary structure.
user.introReviewedNobooleanIndicates if user reviewed an intro.

Response Message

Message Representation

    "action": {string},
    "requestId": {object},
     "status": {string}

Message Parameters

Property NameTypeDescription
actionstringAction name: user/updateCurrent
requestIdobjectRequest unique identifier, will be passed back in the response message.
statusstringOperation execution status (success or error).