Represents a network, an isolated area where devices reside.


listAccess JSON Web Token (GetNetwork)GET /networkGets list of device networks.
The result list is limited to networks the client has access to.
countAccess JSON Web Token (GetNetwork)GET /network/countGets count of networks.
getAccess JSON Web Token (GetNetwork)GET /network/{id}Gets information about device network and its devices.
insertAccess JSON Web Token (ManageNetwork)POST /networkCreates new device network.
updateAccess JSON Web Token (ManageNetwork)PUT /network/{id}Updates an existing device network.
deleteAccess JSON Web Token (ManageNetwork)DELETE /network/{id}Deletes an existing device network.

Resource Representation

    "id": {integer},
    "name": {string},
    "description": {string}
Property NameTypeDescription
idintegerNetwork identifier
namestringNetwork display name
descriptionstringNetwork description