Gets list of device types.

The result list is limited to device types the client has access to.


HTTP Request

GET /devicetype


Parameter NameRequiredTypeDescription
nameNostringFilter by device type name.
namePatternNostringFilter by device type name pattern. In pattern wildcards '%' and '_' can be used.
sortFieldNostringResult list sort field. Available values are ID and Name.
sortOrderNostringResult list sort order. Available values are ASC and DESC.
takeNointegerNumber of records to take from the result list.
skipNointegerNumber of records to skip from the result list.


Access JSON Web Token (GetDeviceType)

Request Body

Do not supply a request body with this method.


If successful, this method returns array of DeviceType resources in the response body.

Property NameTypeDescription
idintegerDevice type identifier.
namestringDevice type name.
descriptionstringDevice type description.