Registers or updates a device.

Request Message


Access JSON Web Token (RegisterDevice)

Message Representation

    "action": {string},
    "requestId": {object},
    "deviceId": {string},
    "device": {
        "name": {string},
        "data": {object},
        "networkId": {integer},
        "deviceTypeId": {integer},
        "isBlocked": {boolean}

Message Parameters

Property NameRequiredTypeDescription
actionYesstringAction name: device/save
requestIdNoobjectRequest unique identifier, will be passed back in the response message.
deviceIdYesstringDevice unique identifier.
May contain only letters, digits and dashes.
deviceYesobjectA Device resource to register or update.
device.nameYesstringDevice display name.
device.dataNoobjectDevice data, a JSON object with an arbitrary structure.
device.networkIdYesintegerAssociated network id.
device.deviceTypeIdNointegerAssociated device type id. Use default device type if it's not defined.
device.isBlockedNobooleanIndicates whether device is blocked.

Server Message

Message Representation

    "action": {string},
    "status": {string},
    "requestId": {object}

Message Parameters

Property NameTypeDescription
actionstringAction name: device/save
statusstringOperation execution status (success or error).
requestIdobjectRequest unique identifier as specified in the request message.