Gets information about device type and its devices.


HTTP Request

GET /devicetype/{id}


Parameter NameRequiredTypeDescription
idYesintegerDevice type identifier.


Access JSON Web Token (GetDeviceType)

Request Body

Do not supply a request body with this method.


If successful, this method returns a DeviceType resource with the list of Devices in the response body.

Property NameTypeDescription
idintegerDevice type identifier.
namestringDevice type name.
descriptionstringDevice type description.
deviceobjectThe Device resource.
device.idstringDevice unique identifier.
device.namestringDevice display name.
device.dataobjectDevice data, a JSON object with an arbitrary structure.
device.networkIdintegerAssociated network id.
device.deviceTypeIdintegerAssociated device type id.
device.isBlockedbooleanIndicates whether device is blocked.